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All Aim Higher Home Inspections includes a one year FREE subscription to Home Owners Network (HON) technical support for your home. Utilize HON's "Ask a Pro" app as it is the first ever live technical support for home owners. Stop searching the web for answers that might be somewhat related to your question. With HON you can post your question with pictures attached and get the answers you seek within minutes. If you are a first time home buyer this service provides great comfort when you need advice on trouble shooting problems. With your free subscription you will be able to contact HON by an App or their website (www.HomeOwnersNetwork.com). This service cost $199 and it is free with all our Panama City and surrounding Bay, Franklin, and Walton County Home Inspections!

HON Guard Recall Alerts

- You can expect your recall report within 2-4 business days.
- This program offers immediate alerts if one of your appliances gets recalled
There is 24/7 online inventory in case of loss
Recall Protection for Life with monthly updates
- Update your home's appliances as you upgrade
Dedicated customer service team to help you get your free in-home repairs
Monthly Maintenance tips that every home owner should have!

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