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Having a home inspector examine the current condition of the property you are buying or selling is necessary for several reasons. If you are the purchaser, an inspection provides you with the knowledge of the homes current condition and forthcoming repairs. If you are the seller, a pre-listing inspection can help identify issues that might be concerning to the buyer. With that knowledge you can fix the identified problems before an offer is made.

Here are just some of the areas that are inspected during a home inspection or pre-listing inspection, roofs, vents, flashing, and trim, gutters/downspouts, skylights, chimney’s, other roof penetrations, decks, stoops, porches, walkways, railings, eaves, soffit, fascia, grading, proper drainage, basements, foundation condition, crawl the crawlspace, check for water penetration, check for foundation movement, inspect the heating systems, inspect cooling systems, determine where the main water shut off valves are, research the water heating system, inspect the interior plumbing fixtures and faucets, check any drainage sump pumps with accessible floats, examine electrical service line and meter box, thoroughly inspect the main disconnect and check the service amperage, inspect the inside of all electrical panels, ensure the breakers and fuses are correct, check for proper grounding and bonding, GFCIs/AFCIs, fireplace, insulation and proper ventilation, garage doors, safety sensors, and much more…
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