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Pre-Listing Inspections

  Want to get an edge on selling your property? A pre-listing home inspection is beneficial to those preparing to sell their property. A growing trend is to get properties pre-inspected to give the home owner a chance to discover and fix defects. Don’t wait until you get your desired offer and then have a home inspector find major defects that the home owner was unaware of. A pre-listing home inspection will make the home owner better prepared for the sale and negotiating. The pre-listing inspection is just as detailed and thorough as the comprehensive home inspection. Just think of the message the seller is sending when they proudly display an Aim Higher Home Inspection report. Potential buyers will walk away knowing they are about to make an offer on a property that has already been inspected and will know if there are any defects prior to making that offer.

As posted on HSH.com, John R. Schmidt, a certified real estate inspector with Reliable Home Inspections of Valdosta, Ga., says that a pre-listing inspection "keeps you in the driver's seat."

"You know the issues and can have them resolved rather than having to negotiate over them after a buyer's inspection lists them," says Schmidt.

What to do before an inspection

Before the home inspector arrives, there are several steps you can take to help ensure an easy inspection:
· Take care of basic cleaning and minor upkeep around your home;
· Clear access to all areas of your home;
· Make copies of all service records, such as the annual reports from your HVAC inspections.

After you have your report in hand, consider the findings. If there are major repairs to be made, now is the time to make them. 

Providing the pre-listing inspection report to potential home buyers can give all parties involved more peace of mind and hopefully a smoother transaction.

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